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A Vision Brought to Life (development – 1990s)

In the 1980s, when a massive double-decker highway bisected much of Boston – separating the historic waterfront from the downtown proper, developers Don Chiofaro and Ted Oatis had the foresight to recognize the immense potential on a triangular piece of land on the outskirts of the Financial District.  Armed with vision and energy, The Chiofaro Company partnered with architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee to bring forth a complex which they intended to be the new cornerstone in Boston’s expansion: International Place. 

The project was conceived as a bold “city within a city” packed with amenities to attract and house the world’s most dynamic business leaders, and the team knew it would need to be exceptional. Ambitious in scope and distinctive in design, the buildings were innovative from the start.   

The postmodern design of One and Two International Place established something new on the Boston skyline. Instead of a traditional rectilinear tower form, International Place was the manifestation of “thinking outside the box”.  The towers combine graceful cylinders with orthogonal elements which maximize unimpeded panoramic views that have become the hallmark of International Place. 

Forging a Changing Boston (1990s-2015)

International Place established a new center of gravity in the downtown by defining the city around it. After decades of planning, in the 1990s, Boston embarked on one of the largest public works projects in America – the construction of an underground highway system known as Boston’s Big Dig.  This engineering feat not only modernized Boston’s highway infrastructure, but it also made it possible to reconnect the downtown to the historic waterfront through the introduction of a beautiful and popular linear park, the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  The Greenway now served as a wonderfully vibrant greenspace and opened up opportunities to rethink the properties that abutted it; New hotels, residences, retail, and cultural attractions started to emerge in the immediate area. 

As the financial district and surrounding neighborhood began to expand, One and Two International Place rose to become a beacon in the midst of it all. Standing at 46 stories and 35 stories in two towers, the city’s largest office complex became an instant landmark in one of the city’s most exciting and forward-thinking neighborhoods.  At the same time, the Boston industry make-up was morphing from what had been nearly exclusively traditional legal, banking, and professional services; to one that also embraced other fast-growing industries like private equity, technology, and life sciences. Reconnecting the waterfront to downtown proper also catalyzed the emergence of the Seaport. It was during this era that PGIM Real Estate Investors joined the International Place team as a long-term champion of the project.

Boston’s New Waterfront (2015 and beyond)

Boston’s evolution accelerated once the city was stitched back together. Its residential population increased to levels not seen in decades.  Today, with the Seaport to the east, the Back Bay to the west, and the two key transit hubs nearly equidistant to the north and south of International Place, its central location is more relevant than ever.  While it has maintained its status as the leading business accelerator and destination for years, International Place too is evolving.  Through a strategically curated renovation plan, the International Place team will embark on a $100 million transformation of the 1.8M square foot complex. 

The Chiofaro Company and PGIM Real Estate Investors collaborated with global design firm Gensler to redefine what a world class business environment is.  The team will invest back into International Place and its business community, creating an ecosystem that fosters both social and cross-industry connections – an atmosphere that offers wellness respites, food and beverage variety and the spaces to forge authentic and long-lasting bonds.  The revitalized International Place aligns a renewed expression of innovation and community connection while celebrating unequaled prominence on the city’s skyline. The best is about to get that much better! 





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As on-site owners and managers of International Place, The Chiofaro Company brings a level of personalized service and face-to-face access that’s unmatched anywhere.

Every accommodation is made to support your business however possible–from private event accommodations to facility requests. You’re treated as partners, not tenants, at International Place, with owners who are always accessible and visible to you and your firm.