International place Towers One and Two have been awarded a LEED certification upgrade and are now LEED Gold.

In 2011 International place completed extensive evaluation of our sustainability and energy efficiency programs that led to a LEED Silver certification. This award, which can be seen on a plaque in our lobby, requires verifying our efforts to conserve energy and water, to encourage recycling and consideration of our air quality. The certification also evaluates access to public transportation and even the unique qualities of daylight and views afforded by our buildings shape and location.

This certification has just completed a thorough evaluation of our energy and water use as well as the continuous improvement of our sustainability process. We are pleased to announce the buildings have been upgraded to LEED Gold under USGBC LEED version 4, the newest and most stringent evaluation. This achievement came with participation in a new process developed to provide performance evaluation of our energy and water metrics as well as continuous reporting of our waste diversion practices. The name of the new process is ARC Skoru and it was developed in cooperation with the United States Green Building Association to maintain live data reporting of major sustainability goals. For example, The International Place facilities team led by John Benoit tracks all energy and water data and reports it to the EPA Energy Star program to compare our use with similar projects across the united states. Our percentile rating (well above 75%) then contributes to our LEED certification.

“The Chiofaro Company is showing tremendous green building leadership through its use of Arc,” said Scot Horst, CEO of Arc Skoru Inc. “Through the platform, International Place is making data-driven decisions about the health of their building and the happiness of their occupants, which is helping us get one step closer to sustainable market transformation.”

One aspect of International Place that sets it apart from similar projects is its location and connection to so much of the city of Boston and the surrounding community. It’s possible to walk or take public transportation to almost any service or amenity you might need in a very short distance, reducing the need to use a car.

The recent upgrade of the tower lighting to all LED which can be adjusted to different color schemes is a good example of one small step toward energy conservation that will be visible to the entire Boston community.

“Building operations are nearly 40 percent of the solution to the global climate change challenge,” Says Dan Whittet, a sustainability consultant with AHA Consulting Engineers who has worked with International Place on LEED goals. “Innovative companies like Chiofaro recognize that by monitoring and measuring their performance, they are committing to ongoing improvement.”

Soon there will be a new LEED plaque in the lobby and you will see the word GOLD added, we are proud of this achievement and want our building tenants to know we are committed to a healthy and sustainable work environment.